Raise the Eyebrows

By : Muhammad Choirul Rosiqin, International Relations Student @University of Muhammadiyah Malang

On Thursday there was a teacher educating the student, @ d time I was hearing them in the back of class. What were they talking about? Read the text below:
¥: Assalamualaikum…
§: Waalaikumsalam…
¥: ok, I will begin to ask you (Sambil jari tangannya menunjuk muridnya)
$: ?? Saya sir, , ,
¥: Yes, you. Btw, Do you like to eat Fried Banana(pisang goreng)?
$: Yes, I like, sir.
Unfortunately, there was a student asking to the teacher…
£: “What’s [mentimun goreng] in Eng, sir?”
¥: Emang ada ya? {raise the eyebrows}
Fried Cucumber…maybe, 😀 respond the teacher (ada” saja)


About Muhammad Choirul Rosiqin

I was born in Eastern Probolinggo, East Java, in 1994. I'm student of International Relations @University of Muhammadiyah Malang
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