Introduction Conversation With Foreigner [English] – A Simple Example

This Introduction Conversation [English] – A Simple Example {Full} video created by Muhammad Choirul Rosiqin. Images in this video download in google image, and the text in this video also copied from a blog that I mention bottom 😀

T : Good morning, Sir.
R : Good morning.
T : May I have time to talk with you?
R : Yes, sure. What can I do for you?
T : I am Tono, I have a task to write a diary about meeting foreigners.
R : Mmm, I am Robert, I came from England.
T : Nice to meet you, Sir.
R : Nice to meet you too.
Dialog di atas sudah cukup mewakili perkenalan dengan turis.
Namun alangkah baiknya ditambahkan dengan beberapa percakapan lain agar si turis merasa senang bisa berbincang dengan anda. Misalnya, seperti berikut:

T : May I ask something, Sir?
R : Yes, sure. Why not.
T : What do you think about this temple?
R : This is the second temple I’ve ever visited. Although it is not so big as Borobudur, I think it is also incredible place I know.
T : How about Indonesian people, Sir?
R : Indonesian people are very kind as like you. They welcome us very nicely. I am happy English is still learned by most people in this country.
T : Thank you, Sir. I just practicing my English. How long have you been in Indonesia, Sir?
R : I have been here for 7 days. I have visited many places in this country.
T : What places have you visited, Sir?
R : There are a lot of places, such as Bali, Lombok, Mount Bromo, Jogja Palace, Borobudur, this temple, and so on. I enjoyed this vacation.
T : I hope you will come to Indonesia again next time.
R : Yes, I will.
T : Thanks for your time talking with me, Sir. It is pleasure to meet you.
R : You’re welcome, I am glad to see you, Alisa.

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About Muhammad Choirul Rosiqin

I was born in Eastern Probolinggo, East Java, in 1994. I'm student of International Relations @University of Muhammadiyah Malang
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