A simple Example “In The Beach (Conversation)”

This video [A simple Example “In The Beach (Conversation)”] created by: Muhammad Choirul Rosiqin. Images or pictures or text in this video is not my creation, but I copied it from many sources that I mention in the bottom (check it down).

Here the text, and I’ve change the name to Tono and Robert.
A simple Example “In The Beach (Conversation)”
Tono       : Nice Weather…
Robert     : Yes, nice weather
Tono       : Do you like beach?
Robert     : yes, I like beach.
Tono       : hmm. I want to swimming. What about you?
Robert     : No. I cant swimming.
Tono       : Oh, come on…
Robert     : No. I can’t
Tono       : we play in the water that not deep
Robert     : but, I’m afraid
Tono       : don’t be afraid. Robert. That’s happily, that’s good
Robert     : ok. Not deep?
Tono       : yes, come on
Robert     : ok.
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About Muhammad Choirul Rosiqin

I was born in Eastern Probolinggo, East Java, in 1994. I'm student of International Relations @University of Muhammadiyah Malang
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